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Fire Detection & Alarm

In terms of Fire Detection, Servaux is proud to be the partner of Tyco FIS for both the supply and the maintenance of their equipments.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offers a complete range of Life safety solutions to meet the specific requirements of every market sector imaginable, above and below the ground, and at sea. They can provide a basic Stand-Alone Conventional Life Safety system through to a complex, integrated fire detection and alarm system incorporating fire alarm, voice evacuation and fire suppression that meets the most stringent approvals in the world.

Their fire detection and alarm design engineers and project management teams share a common goal, to be the best to make a difference to exceed our customers expectations and surpass industry standards.

With these facts in mind, it is no surprise that they have global single source vendor partnerships with many of the top 100 companies throughout the world.


Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have installed over 10,000 Marine Industry Analogue Addressable fire detection and alarm systems throughout the world. Today, they design, manufacture, install and maintain a wide range of their MINERVA MX fire controllers at port, at sea and in the dockyard.

This range of control panels is designed and manufactured to BSEN ISO9001/2 and EN54. The advanced MINERVA MX microprocessor based system provides conventional and digital addressable detection for new, refurbished and refitted detection systems.

A wide range of detectors and ancillaries makes the MINERVA MX suitable for applications from general cargo vessels to large passenger vessels and offshore installation.

The different types of systems available are :

  • Analogue Addressable

The MINERVA MX T2000 is supplied with 2 loops and is expandable to eight loops using additional loop expansion cards. The Panel will support up to 1000 Addressable Devices. It has been approved by all the major Marine Authorities and its advanced proven microprocessor based system provides Conventional as well as Addressable Detection at the price of today's Conventional Systems.

Modular in design, the MINERVA MX T2000 provides economical Fire Detection for small Vessels but is also flexible enough to implement the complex event procedures required in larger ones.

Detectors are controlled in groups of up to 240 zones all software configurable, so avoiding the expensive need to hardwire each zone back to the control panel. Further savings are made possible by harnessing the power of the latest micro processing technology to enable a single loop of two-core cabling to carry both detection and command signals. Backwards compatibility is also achieved by using an ancillary module that allows existing fire systems to be updated and extended cost effectively, utilizing existing wiring where possible and with minimal disruption.

Other ancillary modules offer even greater system flexibility: short circuit sensing isolation ensures the T2000 continues in operation, even if a wiring fault occurs. Local sounder activation further reduces wiring costs and switch monitoring allows easy interface to a vessels machinery control system. Further flexibility and installation savings can be made using the Loop Power T2000 options. Loop Powered T2000 panels allow sounders to be powered from the same loop wires that carry communications and power to the Detectors and other Ancillaries.

The T2000 panels are intelligent EN54approved and Marine approved sub-panels, which can be networked. A test report detailing compliance to naval test requirements for Shock , Vibration & EMC (NES814 , NES 1004 Iss 2 & DefStan 59-41) is available.

  • Conventional

Developed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the T1200 range of Conventional Panels from Tyco is a powerful yet user friendly series of Control Panels. The range is fully approved by all major Marine Authorities and takes advantage of the very latest technological advancements both in terms of design and manufacturing to the latest European, Marine and Asian standards

Tycos Conventional Detector design evolution has resulted in the creation of a new Series 600 range of unobtrusively styled detectors, incorporating a number of unique design features enabling improved operation, installation and ease of servicing.

Through innovative design Series 600 Detectors have the ability to reduce installation and servicing time to a minimum, needing only one visit to the ceiling to complete the installation and having a park position for the Detector to simplify servicing.

Included within the Series 600 range is the new Conventional enhanced Carbon Monoxide Fire Detector (601CH). The incorporation of a reliable electrochemical CO Detection cell and high specification low thermal mass thermistor for accurate temperature detection has enabled the introduction of an enhanced CO Detector suitable for fast, reliable detection of both slow and fast developing fires.

The complete range has been designed to meet the requirements of BS (British standards) and EN (European Standards) for Fire Detectors.

All Detectors also carry a mandatory CE mark.

For more information, we invite you to visite their website : www.tycofis.com

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