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Life saving equipment : life-rafts, rescue-boats, lifejackets, suits, EPIRB, lifebuoys, first aid and survival kits...

  • Life-raft of all capacities, throw-over or davit launched type
  • Inflatable evacuation slide and self-righting device
  • Professional rigid inflatable boat, rescue-boat and SOLAS outboard engine
  • Inflatable jacket, foam lifejacket and lifebuoy
  • Fall arrest device, harness and lanyard
  • Immersion and abandonment suit
  • Hydrostatic release unit and on-load safety hook
  • IMO sign and LLL system
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Lifejacket and lifebuoy lights
  • Medical equipment
  • Survival kit, SAR - air droppable life-raft and aeronautic safety supply

Life-raft Marseilles Le Havre rescue-boats Marseille Le Havre first aid and survival kits Marseilles Le Havre

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