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References, customers : passenger ships, cargo ships, shipyards, yachting

Since now one hundred years, the company SERVAUX is putting its expertise at the disposal of all its customers, private or professional.

Actually, homologated to service the whole range of life saving and fire fighting items, the technicians from the company can either inspect leisure or commercial vessels equipment.


Passenger ships

  • Ferry and RoPax (SNCM, ...)
  • Cruise ships (Club Med II, ...)
  • Small passenger ships (SNRTM, ...)

passenger ships Servaux SNCM Cruise ships Servaux Club-Méditerranée Passenger ships Servaux SNRTM

Cargo and container ships

container ships CMA CGM Tanker Fouquet Sacop Gas Gazocéan

Shipyards and Yachting




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